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Naloxone and Standing Orders

Now that ALL pharmacists in New Mexico can use a standing order prescription to dispense naloxone, you might be wondering about the training required and how to proceed!

Documents provided by the New Mexico Department of Health:

New Mexico Statewide Naloxone Standing Order for Registered Pharmacist

Issued by Chris Novak, MD - July 1, 2020 - Update January 2022

Naloxone Pharmacy Prescription Hard copy - No longer available

Issued by Chris Novak, MD

User guide - opioid safety. Updated 9/21/18

Article from 

Naloxone Pharmacy Directory Helps to Fight Drug Addiction

We’ve had a big year for opioid and heroin overdoses in the United States and we’re currently facing one of the most major public health crisis’ of our time. According to the *CDC, 16,000 deaths in the United States involved opioids and over 8,000 of which involved heroin. Cities like Cincinnati saw record numbers of overdoses with almost 200 overdoses in just a few days.

Thankfully, Naloxone, an opioid reversal medication, arrived on the scene and has since saved thousands of lives. We watched as Naloxone became more available and more professionals were trained on how to administer it. In many counties statewide, the life-saving overdose reversal medication is now available without a prescription. Some communities are even making the overdose kits available to the public free of charge.

As it becomes more readily available, it is our duty as healthcare professionals to educate the public on what it is, how it can help them, and most importantly, where they can find it.

In an effort to reach more people and save more lives, Recovery Addiction Services has added a new directory, in addition to their existing addiction treatment directories, specifically for Naloxone. The directory will help people to find pharmacies in their area that carry Naloxone and in turn help to save more lives that are currently being claimed by the growing heroin epidemic.

As one of the largest growing online addiction and recovery directories, it is our mission to supply as many people as we can with the tools that they need to navigate addiction. By joining our directory, you will be not only helping us accomplish this, you will be saving lives and bringing more customers to your pharmacy.

List your pharmacy on our directory today and let’s help save more lives.


We have been asked to post a resource for alcohol and drug rehabilitation -

Also resources including facilities nationwide: 

Narcan information from Adapt Pharma

As you know the opioid overdose epidemic has reached overwhelming proportions.  It’s critical that healthcare professionals be acutely aware of who is at risk for an opioid overdose — and how to start a conversation with patients and caregivers about NARCANĀ® (naloxone HCl) Nasal Spray.  To learn more watch this short video with Dr. Shawn Ryan, a nationally recognized emergency medicine specialist, as he shares his insight into what practitioners can do to help protect and educate their patients: 

Narcan nasal spray prescribing information link


Forms for pharmacist and pharmacy use:

Pharmacist naloxone reporting - fax cover page

Pharmacist naloxone report form - information page

Working Protocol for the Pharmacy

This protocol has been updated to allow prescribing to people other than those at risk for an overdose (family or others who might witness and overdose). The update has been approved by the NM Medical Board, Board of Nursing and Board of Pharmacy.

Board of Pharmacy adopted rules (all prescribing including naloxone)

Naloxone pharmacies 2015 - excel spreadsheet

Medicaid MCO billing information for pharmacists providing Naloxone:


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Western Sky Community Care

Medicaid Fee for Service

The system updates have been finalized to enable pharmacies to bill for naloxone rescue kits

- including the administrative/incentive fee, dispensed to FFS Medicaid recipients. 

Opioid resources from Project ECHO

Link to the Project ECHO Integrated Addictions and Psychiatry website for 2  educational videos

Scroll  down to the bottom of the page and look for:

  • Overdose Prevention - 2012
  • Narcan: what it is and how it works - 2014

NM Department of Health Opioid resource Information

Please see link below that is the CORRECT DOH webpage address with materials and resources for pharmacists, medical providers and patients – included on this webpage are instructions to pharmacists (from the Prescribe to Prevent website) on naloxone prescription writing and dispensing, as well as patient education packet including graphic instruction on naloxone administration, and link to a patient education video that can be easily downloaded (the webpage also has other resources).

Another online tool is available on the Prescribe to Prevent website


Naloxone Rescue Kits & Medicaid

New Mexico Medicaid is requiring their health plans to cover the “Naloxone Rescue Kits” when prescribed for Medicaid patients. The kit includes the medication in a syringe, a nasal adapter (trumpet) and patient instructions (written and provided by the provider).

Below is a link to three documents prescribers will be receiving:

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