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2020 Annual Convention

NMPhA wants to recognize the tremendous impact our student pharmacists had during the 2020 Legislative Session.

The student pharmacists of APhA-ASP and SSHP were instrumental in the passing of HB 42 through their collaboration and grass roots outreach efforts.  They were able to establish and organize call banks so state representatives and senators could hear from student pharmacists from their own communities vocalizing their support. 

These students were able to effectively communicate the benefits of the bill to the legislators, leading to unanimous approval in multiple committees. Additionally, on occasions when the scheduling of HB 42 for committee discussion was tenuous, student pharmacists contacted several committee members and were influential in ensuring the bill was heard.

We want to thank the following students for their participation and support during the 2020 Legislature!

Aaron Koslow Adamatta Mudada Alexandra Gutierrez Alma Garcia Amber Nuttall Andres Molina
Beroja Duriqi Bianca Gonzales Brad Beckman Brianna Kuskov Damon Alvarez Danielle Rael
Devin Horinek Dreanna Valencia Eleazar Torres Emily Riggs Gavin Nagy Jessica Severin
Justin Borrego Justin Kotobi Kiana Lujan Kim Wong Lance Carlton Madeleine Rademacher Miel Johnson Natalie Herrera Neil Goel Onnica Pino Pamela Gonzales Rachel Crusius
Raul Salazar Ryan Valdez Sarah Glover Sean Lujan Tatiana Pleil-Pino Toby Chiu 
Victoria Lopez Xochitl Benitez Zacchary Rivera

Virtual Meeting Handouts (below):

Note: the virtual programs have been established as home study programs with

ACPE numbers for home study.


Innovation Driving Pharmacy Today

Mitch Larson

Handouts - 6 per page pdf


Dispelling Myths about Diabetes Management                                      

Cassandra S. Vanderpool, MS, RDN, LD

Handouts - 6 per page pdf

PDF Handouts - 3 pages pdf


Insulin Management Interventions at the Pharmacy Level

Ronald W. Scott, RPh, PhC 

Handouts - 6 per page pdf


Introduction to Homeopathic Medicines for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Christophe Merville & Richard Mudd 

Handouts - 6 per page pdf

PTS:  Postthrombotic Syndrome  

Michael B. Harding, MD, FACC, ABVM, ABVLM, RPhs

Handouts - 6 per page pdf


Updates about Antimicrobial Stewardship

Meghan Brett, MD

Handouts - 1 per page pdf

Law CPE Program

2020 New Mexico Board of Pharmacy Drug Law Update

Adela Padilla, RPh & Alejandro M. Amparan, PharmD - Heather Marquez assisting 

Handouts - 6 per page pdf - 1st Half

Handouts - 6 per page pdf - 2nd Half

Integrating Medication Safety in Pharmacy Practice

Leslie R. Sanchez, PharmD 

Handouts - 6 per page pdf


Infectious Diseases Guideline Updates- Community Acquired Pneumonia and Asymptomatic Bacteriuria

Molly Benning, PharmD

Handouts - 6 per page pdf

Patient Safety

Poly Pharmacy and Medication Errors; Getting It Right!     

Amy Bachyrycz, PharmD                                                   

Handouts - 6 per page pdf

(Pain Management/Opioid CPE)

Underutilized Drug Therapies in Pain Management               

Nathan Bryant, PharmD

Handouts - 6 per page pdf


Harmful Effects of Vaping: Lung Toxicity and Impairment of Immune Function

Matthew J. Campen, PhD, MSPH

Handouts - 3 per page pdf

Hepatitis B Overview and Innovation in Immunization         

Kelvin McKoy, MD, MBA

Handouts - 6 per page pdf


A Comprehensive Review of Contraceptive Methods Using Cased Based Learning

Anna White, CNM & Jennifer Robinson, M.S., WHNP-BC, CNM, RN

Handouts - 6 per page pdf

Handouts for Immunization Training Programs

Pharmacists Prescribing Vaccines - The New Mexico Program

Immunization Program - Updated February 2020

  1. Child (0-18 years) - Combined-schedule - pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  2. Summary of Recommendations - Child-Teen - pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  3. Child - Screening questions  pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  4. Child - Medical management of Reactions  pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  5. Child - Record  pdf CURRENT as of JULY 2018
  6. Adult - Combined-schedule pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  7. Summary of Recommendations - Adult - pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  8. Adult – Screening questions – pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  9. Adult - Medical management of reactions – pdf CURRENT as of JULY 2018
  10. Adult - Record – pdf CURRENT as of FEBRUARY 2020
  11. Adult - Consent Form - pdf CURRENT as of FEBRUARY 2020
  12. Guide to contraindications – pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  13. Preventable Errors in Vaccine Administration  pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  14. Administering vaccine - Adults – pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  15. Administering vaccines – pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  16. How to administer IM/SQ – pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  17. Administer nasal, oral - pdf CURRENT as of JULY 2018
  18. Injection Technique Assessment Form v2015 – pdf CURRENT as of JULY 2018
  19. After the shots – pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  20. Vaccine storage – pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  21. VIS dates – pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  22. Immunization facts – PowerPoint
  23. Nuts and Bolts 2017 – pdf
  24. Nuts and Bolts 2017 – PowerPoint
  25. Community Clinic check list (supplies) – pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020
  26. Kevin Bersell NMSIIS presentation 2013 - pdf
  27. Preventable Disease – pdf
  28. Preventable Disease – PowerPoint
  29. Hep A and B – pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  30. Meningococcal Vaccine Timing
  31. Meningococcal B Vaccine Recommendations pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  32. Meningococcal Vaccines (A, C, Y, W-135) - pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  33. Interchangeability of HEPLISAV-B – pdf UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020 Interchangeability_03_FINAL_2018-09-05 MRB appvd for IRMS.pdf
  34. Pneumococcal Timing - pdf UPDATED JULY 2018
  35. Protocol for Pharmacist Prescribing of vaccines - doc
  36. Reg 26 – Prescriptive Authority – pdf 
  37. Home Study Exam - pdf 

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